Xie Fan
(b. 1983, China)

Xie Fan paints on semi-transparent silk, creating a new artistic surface that blends together light, silk, oil and frames in an attempt to overcome the universal appeal for flat painting. He mixes modern painting techniques with artistic traditions from ancient Chinese silk paintings. The inspiration behind this blend of Western and Chinese painting techniques is not in an effort to embrace the culture with which Xie Fan is from, but to gather and project a sense of the immaterial.


Xie Fan was born in China in 1983. In 2005, he received his BFA from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions since 2011 around Beijing and Chengdu, China and Taipei, Taiwan. His works have also been featured in international and local group exhibitions since 2010 in renowned galleries and museums such as Yichuan Museum of Contemporary Art (Yichuan, China), Wangying Art Museum (Shijiazhuang, China), Sifan Art Museum (Nanjing, China), All-Russian Exhibition Center (Moscow),  Suzhou Art Museum (Suzhou, China), CAFA Art Museum (Beijing), and Mercator Foundation (Essen, Germany). The artist currently lives and works in Beijing and Sichuan, China.


China, chinese artist, visual perception, figure painting, figurative, oil painting, process oriented, canvas, substitute canvas, nature, painting, erased, obscured, landscapes, flora, blurred

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