Qin Jun
(b. 1987, China)

Focussing on geometric forms such as squares, circles and triangles, Qin Jun expresses the logic that current painting methods fail to interact with a broader plane of consciousness. Whether it is through sculpture or painting, Qin Jun’s works follows a strict set of geometric rules regarding form. Despite his limited framework, the artist manages to portray a wide range of emotion and sentiment through his visual structures. In essence, many of his works take a sculpture’s spatial sensibility and project it onto a two-dimensional surface in order to reshape our concept of observative space.


Qin Jun was born in China in 1987. He obtained his BFA in Sculpture in 2010 from Dalian Polytechnic University, and his MFA in 2012 from Southampton University. His works have been featured in solo exhibitions since 2010 around China and the UK. His works have also been a part of group exhibitions since 2009, most notably at Klein Sun Gallery (New York), Gallery SU: (Seoul), Right View Art Museum (Beijing), and Si Shang Art Museum (Beijing). His work can be found in the public collections of Zheng Guan Art Museum, Frank Yang Collection and Haha Museum in China. Qin Jun currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

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