(b. 1984, China)
One big transition of modern China is the relationship between the younger generation and their parents. CHEN Lei's (b. 1984, China) work mostly deals with memories from his childhood. His sculpture shows fantasies and experiences of his youth while viewers are simultaneously encouraged to to reflect upon their own. Chen Lei's works embody the radical changes happening in the youth culture of China today.

Chen graduated in 2008 with a BA in Sculpture from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been featured in exhibitions since 2005 at renowned galleries and museums such as the Manchester Art Gallery (Manchester, England), Beijing Center for the Arts, CCRN (Luxembourg), Shanghai Art Museum, Pfedestalle des Postfuhramtes (Berlin), and Mannheimer Kunstverein (Mannheim, Germany) amongst many others. His work is included in the collection of the Shanghai Art Museum.

In my opinion, the relationship between human beings and nature should be to a large extent defined by ‘love’. This love should be incredibly deep, full of beauty and very strong. As I believe very much in this idea, I created this work. The focal point of the work is a kiss; a very deep, beautiful and strong kiss. I hope people who see this work can feel the ‘love’ it is supposed to demonstrate.– Chen Lei

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