Bohnchang KOO, Okran HAN, Seongyoun KOO, Jaeyong RHEE

In this exhibition, still life photography takes center stage. When still life photography began in the mid 19th century, photography techniques were limited and artists were more focussed on creating artwork from still objects. Although genre paintings were popular at the time, art photography and still life came about simultaneously and have continued ever since. This exhibition looks at how still life photography as evolved over these 300 years. In a two-exhibition series, Art Space J displays still life works by contemporary Korean photographers. focuses on the topic of memory. The four artists participating in this exhibition reminisce on their own idea of memory through their work.


"Unlike ‘Moon jar’ which does not change over time, soap, in its shape, tells the tale of time. I think there is certain nobility in how the soap disappears over time by letting go its own layer after layer." (Bohnchang Koo)


"Because It Is Simply Beautiful. Although the meaning of ‘beauty' is derived incidentally, I must have desired that word. Rather than simply appreciating the flowers, I work with such concentration that puts me into an illusive state where I feel guided, even controlled, by the flowers in my work space." (Okran Han)


"Because It Is So Pitiful. "The ornaments shine brightly under the lighting and radiate like gold. But they are only made from sugar and pitifully disappear after being photographed." (Seongyoun Koo)


"To Find Its Path of Time. "Artifacts carry memories with them. I became interested in working with them for their memories and possession of time." (Jaeyong Rhee)

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