Doyeon GWON, Siyeon KIM, Seongyeon JO, Hanjong YOON

In this exhibition, still life photography takes center stage. When still life photography began in the mid 19th century, photography techniques were limited and artists were more focussed on creating artwork from still objects. Although genre paintings were popular at the time, art photography and still life came about simultaneously and have continued ever since. This exhibition looks at how still life photography as evolved over these 300 years. In a two-exhibition series, Art Space J displays still life works by contemporary Korean photographers.


<Still Life II - Representing> focuses on ordinary, everyday objects and how they are interpreted and recognized in different ways. The exact moment of taking the picture is not of significant importance, but rather what happens before and after. Good photographs have the power to renew our perception of reality and this exhibition offers a fresh visual stimulus to rethink and contemplate the objects within our everyday lives.

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KIM Siyeon
JO Seong Yeon
KIM Siyeon