GALLERY2 JungsunNongwon, Jeju

with collaborative works by PARK Juae, LEE Seungmi, LEE Haekang

(b. Korea)

Although the title has 3 names included within it, this exhibition only displays the work of PARK Ju Ae and LEE Hae Kang. Their mutual friend, LEE Seung Mi, acts as a symbolic reference for an artistic mediator during the creative process.

In Park’s works, we see half-human, half-animal hybrids. The works appears humorous while simultaneously exuding a level of discomfort. By depicting Lee’s face on the dolls, the artist encourages viewers to consider contrasting elements of our everyday lives, such as technology and nature, human and animal, realistic and unrealistic.

Lee’s work can be described as mixed media, as it crosses the boundaries of graffiti, animation and modern art. His graffiti works in particular trick the mind by making us wonder: are these letters, pictures, or perhaps both? It aims to be amusing upon first glance, but the artwork’s underlying message criticizes the rules and regulations of everyday society, particularly in regards to what may be considered ‘fine art’.

Both of the artists combine disparate elements to create a greater whole; they expand the standard value of contemporary art and suggest tolerance amongst varying mediums and creative perspectives. Park and Lee delay and impede the standardization of society through a sudden and ingenious combination rather than a clear conclusion or linear development. Their work, which grows from the ‘middle’, is representative of their own path, not the perceived ‘right’ one.