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Finally Got Over the Censorship Scandal in China, Artist Koh Sang Woo will Show “Resistance” in London. via MARKT Editorials

[Borderlines] Jan 11th – Feb 3rd, 2018 London, 354 Upper StreetMap & Full Hours Opening Reception: Thursday, Jan. 11th, 6:30pm -8:30pm @James Freeman Gallery … Artist Koh Sang Woo’s rare and serial self-portrait photograph work “Resistance” will be up on gallery’s white wall for the first time in London after the censorship scandal in China. […]

Mounting Suspense At The Ling

There has been alway biblical verses when the critics talks about SeungChun LIM’s serial sculptures although he is not a Christian. Whether they are fair references or not, SeungChun LIM’s grim and mysterious works surly remind people of the apocalypse when GOD’s patience is at an end. Going through political and economical chaos for months, […]

Pursuit of Imperfection

The partly glazed decent ceramic jars by Euijeong YOO and hyper-realism glass container series paintings by KyongMoon CHOI are not exactly distinguished unless you see them in person weather they are painted or sculptured. Sophisticated colors of the works are not just a reason why you are fooled, but the clever pursuit of imperfection by […]

“Glimmering Treasures From the Other Side of the World” VIA The New York Times

Kang Collection and its Asian artist including Jongsook KIM are featured by The New York Times for Asia Week NY. gg EVE M. KAHN from The New York Times picked up several things you don’t want to miss during 2017 Asia Week New York in Manhattan, NY. Especially, Jongsook KIM’s <Golden Picture, 2014> at KANG COLLECTION is introduced […]

Guilty-Image-Colony @GALLERY 2

Installation View Images Courtesy of the Artist and GALLERY2 Gallery 2 presents the solo exhibition of Eunsae Lee titled “Guilty-Image-Colony.” Is it possible to perfectly represent an event or a scene? Is it impolite to believe it is possible? Of course, a recognition without an interpretation is impossible. There is no such thing as absolute […]

Painting As Shooting: Liu Xiaodong At Faurschou Foundation

Installation view of exhibition ‘Liu Xiao- dong: Painting as Shooting curated by Jérôme Sans. Photo by Anders Sune Berg, © Faurs- chou Foundation Painting as Shooting: Liu Xiaodong Curated by Jérôme Sans Through Dec.16 2016 @Faurschou Foundation in Copenhagen, Denmark gg Painting as Shooting is conceived as an exhibition in three chapters, curated by Jérôme Sans […]