JAN 25, 2018 – MAR 10, 2018
@Galerie Tanit, Munich
Opening: THURSDAY 25, JANUARY 2018 from 6 to 9pm


When you look at an apple, the wavelengths of reflected light determine what colour you see. The light waves reflect off the apple’s peel and hit the light-sensitive retina where the tiny 7 million cells, called “Cones”, respond to light. More interestingly infrared and ultraviolet light are invisible to human eyes while some animals can detect those. In the sense that colours refer to something that one can detect, Bongchull SHIN’s polychromatic scatterings and transparencies seem to have colours of light you can detect with your cones at full blast.


Four Walls (L), Img Courtesy of the Artist

Artist Bongchull SHIN creates his works with not a glass mass but layers of glass plates which he has technically mastered at sleight of hand. Accurately diced cubes and linear plates of glasses are shinning and sparkling under the natural light and lightings in the space. Your eyes are captivated to praise his colours when you see his works first. Wondering around the gallery, however, you will soon unexpectedly light upon the spot where the colours are completely gone. It is because differing vantage points and viewing angles alter how the observer sees the entire presence. You can detect the colours vanishing into the air at that very magical moment. Depending on where the light falls, the installation makes different shapes and colours on the walls and floors.



Untitled, 2017

Img courtesy of the artist

Growing up on the flower-farm of his parents, his childhood was full of colours and impressions of nature. The circle of life, the constant flow of change, of growth and transitoriness, of colour and light, that he experienced, deeply influenced his perception and his work, according to Galerie Tanit who is about to produce his solo show entitled “THE WEIGHT OF THE SHADOW” on January 25th through March 10th in Munich. Living and working in Germany, his recent reference went on to Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 – 1938), a German expressionist painter and one of the founders of the artists group Die Brücke or “The Bridge”, a key group leading to the foundation of Expressionism in 20th-century art. The deceased painter’s complementary colours from “Winter Landscape by Moonlight, 1919” are cleverly delivered to Bongchull SHIN’s recent work which will be up for live sale of Asian Contemporary on artnet auctions in NY from Jan. 26th.


Mondlandschaft (Winter Landscape in Moonlight), 1919 by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 – 1938)



Mondlandschaft (Winter Landscape in Moonlight), 2017 by Bongchull SHIN

Courtesy of the artist

Glass, bright colours and either natural or artificial light and its resulting shadows and reflections are key elements of Bongchull Shins works. Depending on the perspective of the beholder, his cubes and stripes works can be intensely colourful or completely transparent. The variable components between the glass layers define this, depending on the character of each work. He creates complex compositions, technically brilliant and beautiful. Alike the minimalists, he wants colour to have a reduced, pure and three-dimensional expression, interacting with light and space around it…
– PR by Galerie Tanit, Munich

Bongchull Shin is also interested in language and creates antagonistic associations with broken glass pieces stating such familiar terms and idiom as “Love”, “Faith”,“Hope” or “To love and be loved”.

“The driving force behind my series BROKEN GLASS is my interest in language. I write statements and quotations out of glass shards, creating conflict between form and meaning. Through this conflict, the language gains new meaning and grows.”


To Love and be loved, 2013

Courtesy of the artist

Born in South Korea in 1981, Bongchull Shin graduated from Academy of fine art Munich. He received MA from Korean National University of Art (Glass Art) and MFA from Kookmin University (Ceramic) in Korea. His works have been exhibited at Kunstraum Seven Elohim, Gallery 175, Gallery Renate Bender, Denn die Kunst ist eine Tochter der Freiheit, Gallery Tanit, Galerie Handwerk, Gallery Renate Bender, Centre international du Vitrail, Gallery PunktPunktKommaKunst, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Brown Hillel Gallery and many more. His works are collected by Munich International Airport , Alexander Tutsek foundation, Munich, Germany, Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld, Germany and Sammlung Maximilian und Agathe Weishaupt.

He is currently living and working in Munich Germany.

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