Finally Got Over the Censorship Scandal in China, Artist Koh Sang Woo will Show “Resistance” in London. via MARKT Editorials

[Borderlines] Jan 11th – Feb 3rd, 2018
London, 354 Upper StreetMap & Full Hours
Opening Reception: Thursday, Jan. 11th, 6:30pm -8:30pm
@James Freeman Gallery

Artist Koh Sang Woo’s rare and serial self-portrait photograph work “Resistance” will be up on gallery’s white wall for the first time in London after the censorship scandal in China. In his recent retrospective in 798 Beijing, “Resistance” was censored not to make it on the wall and it was not surprising at all because we have learned from Ai Weiwei’s and Sun Mu’s past shows.


“RESISTANCE”, Archival digital print, 2017/ Image Courtesy of the artist and James Freeman Gallery

Thirteen years old boy had been left alone in Virginia right after he arrived in relatives of US. With all those unexpected happenings and reactions toward the little resident alien, Koh had gone through so many awkward senses, thoughts and feelings which he literally painted onto his torso twenty years later. “Don’t Fuck With My Feelings.”, American Flag design on his face with one of the stars as a tear drop. Or, a grid of basic freedoms of expression – love / hate, speak / hear, wish / believe – in mandarin Chinese. His self-portrait photographs examine how individual comes into contact with a nation’s systems of order, and how a sense of identity can also become a net of limitation according to JFG. There is also a new pair of self-portraits explores the relationship of the self with the structures of nationhood.


“INTROVERT”, Archival digital print, 2017

Through his career path, capturing bodies of human models has been Koh’s major theme. As a painter uses colors on canvas, Koh paints allusions to their dreams or desires onto their flesh before he goes on photo shoot. At last, he inverts the colors, suggesting how our inner worlds can conflict with society.


“CONVERSATION”, Archival digital print, 2009/ Image Courtesy of the artist and James Freeman Gallery

Graduated from The School of Art Institute of Chicago, Photography & Performance Art major, Koh has participated in many international shows and fairs. His works were collected by public collection including the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. Koh is living and working in New York.


“WALK WITH ME”, Archival digital print, 2017/ Image Courtesy of the artist and James Freeman Gallery

Upcoming group show “Borderline” at James Freeman gallery in London will speak about how people identify with a sense of place with works by Koh Sang Woo, Olivia Kemp and Stephen Walter. The show will open in January 11th, going through February 3rd.

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