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Art fairs came back in HK. The town became a humid but hot art event space itself and nicely dressed friends and families with great excitement are fully enjoying the scene together. Not to mention the gallery opening fever through the whole pedder building – It was impossible to take the elevator, the stair was lining up and down in the whole stories – , Art Central First Night was hotter than ever. Many of the galleries from Korea, China, Japan, Europe, US, and more were busy enough to use their red dot stickers. Here’s your must-see gallery when you go to Art Central 2017 edition.


Many people including a fancy skinny gay couple were staring the huge dog painting by KANG Kanghoon at Johyun Gallery booth and LEE Kwangho’s vintage hued hyper real paintings were favored once again even though his were compeating with red big PARK Seo-bo the very next to. (Korean galleries of course brought up Dabsaekhwa paintings except fews.)


Gallery KOO’s only artist featured at the wide booth is Yunkyung JEONG whose works are fair and beautiful mixtures of oriental and contemporary paintings. Living in London, she depicts feathers and leaves in her unique melange sand colors in abstract style.


There is a big black light installation by Olafur Eliasson at LEEEUGEAN Gallery. Hyeonsoo KYUNG and Hyosook KIM’s colorful canvases with their great details and rythme are more appealing at the booth.


Salon de H shows diverse emerging and established artists including WOO kukwon, Kyungwoo HAN, Sehyun LEE.


Jongseok YOON’s time taking acrylic painting is thrilling to see the most if you know his work process is by pinning dots one by one.

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