Mounting Suspense At The Ling

There has been alway biblical verses when the critics talks about SeungChun LIM’s serial sculptures although he is not a Christian. Whether they are fair references or not, SeungChun LIM’s grim and mysterious works surly remind people of the apocalypse when GOD’s patience is at an end. Going through political and economical chaos for months, people in Korea might have been feeling the same way as LIM’s “Camel”, three-eyed boy crouching down alone and waiting for his wings spreading.

In his new work at the White Block, LIM arranged his four-faced group and makes themselves into the pillars of a boxing ring. (His residency was not spacious enough to make sculptural installations but it seems he found out the way.) As LIM has been alway showing uncomfortable figures to speak up about the issues we would overlook or politically shrouded, the ring seems Gwanghwamun Plaza where hundreds of thousands Korean people were gathering every weekends for months. The people with four-faces, which represents Pleasure-Anger-Sadness-Enjoyment(喜怒哀樂), are rigidly standing at each corner holding up the red lines around their waists. The tension in between the people looks high while there’s nothing in the midst of the ring. Whom is the ring for then? Few days before the show opening, a Korean former president, Park Geun-hye, was impeached and LIM’s off-white crowd looks like a commemorative statue of 2017 you deserve to go all the way to Paju.


Install View_Sun-joo Shin


Install View Sunyoung KIM


Install View_Jamie LEE


Residency Artists, SeungChun LIM, Jamie LEE, Sun-joo Shin, Sunyoung KIM
Mar 9 – May 21, 2017
Image Courtesy of each artists & White Block

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