Pursuit of Imperfection

The partly glazed decent ceramic jars by Euijeong YOO and hyper-realism glass container series paintings by KyongMoon CHOI are not exactly distinguished unless you see them in person weather they are painted or sculptured. Sophisticated colors of the works are not just a reason why you are fooled, but the clever pursuit of imperfection by two artists are better working out to catch your sight.

GOLD & ORANGE FLOWERS, White Porcelain, Glaze, Gold, Ø 22 x 17.5 (h) cm by Euijeong YOO

Euijeong YOO’s Imagery & Figuration series are well crafted ceramics as if you see some antiquity at the museum. A Ph.D candidate in Ceramics at Hong-Ik University, YOO has been facilitated with brilliant technique to finish up flawless ceramic works while he always breaks, makes scar, or leaves them unglazed. In his earlier works, the scars functioned for a trick until the viewers realized the works are not real broken relics. In this show, the partly glazed or cracked surface of the ceramics is just like to pay tug-of-war in between the fiction and reality; tradition and contemporary; or original and reinterpretation.

ANTIFOETOR 160917, Oil on Canvas, 162 x 130 cm by KyongMoon CHOI

KyongMoon CHOI’s hyper-real glass containers are catching your eyes so long that you doubt that the paintings could be photography. He is trying not to creating any 3D effect on the 2D canvas, instead CHOI tends to challenge people looking for his flaw and grasp the moment of detection. It was such a heyday of hyper realism paintings in Korea roughly from the middle of 2000 to the market clash of 2008. More accurately, just before the disaster, there was such a bitter rumor that Korean hyper-realism painters are not painters, but printers of high resolution images. In fact, there was some group of printers who printed high res. images and re-touched onto them on their own artistic purpose. However, there was no fair classification between those technical differences, collectors and art lovers would’ve been disappointed and abandoned them all. For CHOI, this show is his action of reinstatement as he bashfully mentioned at the opening reception.

Img Courtesy of the Artist/ Gallery Artbn

Works by Euijeong YOO & KyongMoon CHOI
@GALLERY ARTBN, SEOUL Through April 14th, 2017

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