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Kim Jongsook: “spectacle or phantasmagoria” at Gallery rae, Busan via Art Radar

Posted on 30/04/2016 by Ambika Rajgopal IMG_Kim Jongsook, ‘Golden Picture’, from the series “Artificial Landscape”, 2014, mixed media on canvas, made with Swarovski’s cut crystals, 130.3 x 194.0 cm. Image courtesy Gallery rae. The exhibition “Spectacle or Phantasmagoria”, running until 13 May 2016 at Busan-based commercial space Gallery rae, showcases a body of work by South […]

Interview with art collector Joel Zwart who currently sources a collection of light including Lee Jeonglok’s “Tree of Life”

by Richard Harris on April 30, 2016 IMG_Tree of Life #5-2-4 by Korean artist Lee Jeonglok Without doubt the job role of an art collect has always been vital, for without an art collector the art would will not evolve and artist will not be able to survive in this competitive world. Even the most […]

A Chinese eye delivers new perspectives on Europe’s migrant crisis via mailonline

By AFP via mail online 03:22 GMT, 22 April 2016 IMG_A man walks past “Chinatown 2” and “Refugees 2” (R) by Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong during his exhibition “Migration” in Florence ©Gabriel Bouys (AFP) Liu Xiaodong, the acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist, has put Europe’s migrant crisis at the centre of an exhibition of new work which goes […]

Big Shots on artnet auctions

Apr. 20, 2016 by MARKT Editorial IMG_Conversation by Koh Sang Woo (Courtesy of the artist) A fantastic photograph work by MARKT artist Koh Sang Woo is on live sale, “Big Shots”, a sale of impressive large-scale photographs on artnet auctions. Enjoy his interview clip via KAP too! Large prints have become increasingly popular among collectors […]


APRIL 15, 2016 via Jing Daily IMG_Qiu Fine Jewelry Founder Chaoqiu He. (Courtesy Photo)   Splitting her time between New York and Shanghai, Chaoqiu He also balances dual passions for jewelry design and art. The founder of Qiu Fine Jewelry, He is also an avid art collector with interests in Chinese and international contemporary art. […]